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Downingtown Fall Cleaning

Downingtown Fall Cleanup and Yard Work

Chester County Firewood proudly provides the Downingtown area with everything necessary for preparation for the Winter season. The town is located along the Lincoln Highway (now part of U.S. Route 30) which runs from the East Coast to the West Coast. It was an early westward road in the wagon days as the Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike. The Lincoln Highway was the first paved road to cross the nation from the Atlantic to the Pacific. We know how busy the fall months can be for most Downingtown families, our ground crews at Chester County Firewood will take care of the winter preparation for you!

Downingtown Leaf Removal Services

Are your leaves piling up and you don’t have the time to go out and rake them yourselves? Call Chester County Firewood to come and handle your leave situation for you! We have been proudly cleaning up the lawns of the Downingtown area for over a decade. Chester County Firewood will comply with the laws of your town and will rake, bag, or dispose of the leaves as necessary.

Downingtown Yard Work and Seasonal Preparation

Chester County Firewood provides the Downingtown area with proper preparation for the coming winter months. We will mulch, feed, and properly care for your lawn and gardens to improve their chances of survival during the winter. We will properly dispose of weeds and fallen branches to keep your lawn looking good during and after the snow fall. We will also remove leaves from your gutters to prevent clogged drains and roof damage during the snowy winter season.

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